Our products

Port Cranes :

  • –  ZPMC STS cranes with various dimensions and capacities from China
  • –  ZPMC Gantry Cranes from China
  • –  ZPMC RTG cranes from China

Reach Stackers, Empty Stackers and Forklift :

  • –  KONECRANES Reach stackers from Sweden.
  • –  KONECRANES Empty Container Handlers from Sweden.
  • –  KONECRANES heavy Lift trucks (10-60 ton) from Sweden.

Terminal Tractor :

  • –  TERBERG Port Tractors (Terminal Tractors) YT, TT from the Netherlands
  • –  TERBERG RO-RO from the Netherlands

Railroad Tractors :

  • –  TERBERG – ZAGRO Heavy and super heavy Road, Rail Tractors with the capacity of 1000 to 2800 ton from Germany and the Netherlands.

Industrial Super Heavy Road Tractors :

  • –  Terberg Industrial heavy road tractors with the capacity of 60 to 375 ton from the Netherlands.

Trailers :

  • –  DUTCH LANKA Trailers from Sri Lanka

Container Spreader :

  • –  BROMMA Container Spreaders from Sweden.

Port and Industrial Crane Cabins :

  • –  BREIDA port crane cabins from Italy.
  • –  BREIDA industrial crane cabins from Italy.

Port and Industrial Brakes :

  • –  PINTCH BUBENZER Brakes for port cranes from Germany.
  • –  Industrial, Mining and Wind Power Brakes from Germany.

Oil and Commercial Jetties Equipment :

  • –  PROSERTEK fender and bollard of commercial jetties with different capacities from Spain.
  • –  PROSERTEK Quick Release Hooks and Gangways of oil and gas jetties from Spain.
  • –  PROSERTEK Berthing Aid Systems from Spain.
  • –  PROSERTEK Cruise Ships Passenger Boarding Bridges from Spain.

Intelligent Port Operation Equipment :

  • –  CATHAY NEBULA intelligent port operation equipment from China

Tires :

  • –  Tires for Port Machineries (Reach Stacker, Empty Container Handler, RTG, …) from ECOMEGA (Italy) and other reputable European brands.
  • –  Tires for industrial machineries (forklift trucks, etc.) from ECOMEGA (Italy) and other reputable European brands.
  • –  Tires for Mining (dump truck, heavy loader and …) from ECOMEGA (Italy) and other reputable European brands.
  • –  Tires for road construction machineries (loader, graders, etc.) from ECOMEGA (Italy) and other reputable European brands.

Other Products :

  • –  LAURINI Pipe Laying Systems for oil and gas industries and transferring water from Italy
  • –  SAVI fixed and portable fuel tanks from Italy
  • –  BYGGING-UDDEMANN slip forming system and equipment from Sweden