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Terberg aims to be a highly respected, customer focused manufacturer of tailor made industrial vehicles of exceptional quality and optimum performance.

This is achieved through a continuous focus on investment in engineering, improvement of production processes and optimisation of our distribution network.

The involvement of all our employees ensures commitment to our organisation and a genuine passion for our product.

For over 145 years, the Terberg Group of companies have been driven to provide the best to the worlds specialist vehicle markets.With 28 operating companies in 11 countries, Terberg is one of the largest independent specialist vehicle suppliers, from terminal tractors to cars, conversions to new builds, Terberg leads the way.

The Terberg Group have been moving forward with an emphasis on invention, innovation, transformation and value creation.




Konecranes is a world-leading group of Lifting Businesses™, serving a broad range of customers, including manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports and terminals. Regardless of your lifting needs, Konecranes is committed to providing you with lifting equipment and services that increase the value and effectiveness of your business.

For over 80 years, we have been dedicated to improving efficiency and performance of businesses in all types of industries. And we have done this by continuously providing lifting equipment and services people can trust.

When you choose Konecranes, you acquire a unique source of global experience and knowledge combined with local know-how to empower your lifting solutions and increase your safety and productivity.




Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (ZPMC) is a famous heavy-duty equipment manufacturer, and a state holding company listed on A and B shares in Shanghai Stock Exchange. The major shareholder is China Communication Construction Co., Ltd. (CCCC) which is one of top 500 companies in the world.

ZPMC headquarters is located in Shanghai. ZPMC also has 8 production bases located in Shanghai, Nantong and Jiangyin, with total area of 6670 hectares and 10 kilometer coastline.

Especially Changxing Base has 5 kilometer deep water coastline, and including heavy-duty dock of 3.7 kilometer.

ZPMC is the largest heavy-duty equipment manufacturer in the world and owns 26 transportation ships of capacity from 60,000 DWT to 100,000 DWT, delivering products to all over the world.




Bromma is the industry’s most experienced spreader manufacturer, known worldwide for crane spreaders of exceptional reliability.

In all, more than 14,000 crane spreaders and rotators have been put into service since the 1960’s.  More than 9,000 of these are in operation today around the globe. Bromma has delivered spreaders to more than 500 terminals in over 90 countries in 6 continents. Today, Bromma manufactures close to 2,000 spreaders of all types per year. In fact, anywhere you go, if you work where containers are transported, you’re likely to see a Bromma spreader in action.

Bromma is the technical  leader in our industry, having developed the first telescopic spreader, the first twin-twenty spreader, the first 45 foot spreader, and the first all-electric spreader line. Bromma’s testing, manufacturing, and service systems are also first-rate. Our finite element modeling software allow us to study, model and analyze stresses within the spreader so we know how it is going to handle accumulated fatigue – how it is going to hold up under year-after-year of punishing service.

Likewise, prior to delivery, every spreader undergoes extensive testing of functions such as twistlocks, flipper arms and telescopic movements.

With our extensive network of offices and partners around the world, no one supports spreaders like Bromma. Bromma’s total quality management program has resulted in Bromma  factory being awarded ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO3834 certification – the first spreader manufacturer to be so recognized. Cutting edge technology is only one reason why customers choose Bromma.

Just as important as our technical leadership is our philosophy of standing behind our products. Bromma is a company that customers can rely on.




DELLNER BUBENZER is a global leader in the design and manufacture of braking systems for the material handling ,

crane & hoist , container handling , mining , marine , industrial , offshore , oil & gas , and wind energy sectors.



DELLNER BUBENZER launches and unites Dellner Brakes JHS , Dellner Brakes , Dellner Industrial , Pintsch Bubenzer and Rima to operate as one company.


Dellner Brakes acquires Pintsch Bubenzer GmbH and associated subsidiaries

Rima is acquired by Pintsch Bubenzer

Formation of the Dellner Bubenzer Group


Dellner Brakes acquired brake and clutch company Gummi USA


JHS is formed and established as a true pioneer of noise-free , lightweight brakes and yaw sliding bearings for wind turbine

Bubenzer Bremsen and Pintsch Bamag merged to form Pintsch Bubenzer


Gummi USA was established as a leading provider of clutches and brakes


Rima Fluid Spa and Rima Impianti formed with activity of assembly , repair and trade of electric and hydraulic components


foundation of Pintsch Bamag Antriebs- und Verkehrstechink GmbH


Rima opens new facility, dedicated to the design , development and fabrication of hydraulic equipment and

storm brakes.


foundation of Bubenzer Bremsen Gerhard Bubenzer Ing.GmbH,kirchen-wehbach


Rima is formed and becomes distributor of electrical feeding equipment and still sole agent for Italy of

stemmann Technik.


Dellner Brakes, a family-owned business founded in Sweden by Master of Science Jan Dellner ,was founded.




For more than 30 years, Brieda Cabins has pioneered industry research and development of crane cabin and control station design. Working closely with crane manufacturers around the world, Brieda Cabins has engineered some of the safest and most ergonomically advanced crane cabin environments across a wide range of applications, including: container gantries, shipunloaders, RMG/RTG cranes, jib cranes, overhead travelling cranes, stacker/ reclaimers, straddle carriers, control stations and cabins for cranes used in steel mills and offshore platforms.

Cathay Nebula



Cathay Nebula Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a renowned provider of location-awareness and automatic control solutions for ports and terminals adhering to the values of safety, intelligence and efficiency.

Main technological features of our products/solutions include: GNSS/INS, laser sensing, OCR, etc. together with wireless communication, RFID and automatic control. With all these expertise, Cathay Nebula successfully applied and possesses the related invention patent and software copyright.

Our rich product line caters to mainly the port and shipping industry, especially in the field of automated applications in container terminals: STS, RTG/RMG, horizontal transport, gate management, rail transport, etc. we have enriched our project experience in over 70 global ports.

With the development of Internet of Things, cloud computing and Big Data, Cathay Nebula successfully launched the intelligent equipment management platform based on location big data and focus on developing AI applications for the systematic precaution and maintenance of equipment. We strive for the goal of port operation intelligent management by providing fine operation analysis and smart dispatch in overall process.




Prosertek is one of the leading companies in the global maritime equipment market for ship docking, with over 20 years of experience in the sector, with a wide range of products served all over the world.

Our main areas of business and activity are:

– Ship docking fenders

– Quick release hooks

– Berthing Aid Systems

– Telescopic ship access gangways

– Bollards

Our staff is highly motivated, qualified and undergo ongoing training, whilst our in-house research, control and testing departments offer a rapid and effective service.

We design, manufacture, test, transport, install and provide after sales technical assistance with our own resources, thus allowing our customers to receive a complete service without any third party dependency.



Sri Lanka

DLT, established in 1992, is part of TATA Enterprises since 2009 and a wholly owned subsidiary in 2011 of TRF LTD. DLT is a BOI company in Sri Lanka exporting trailers for Ports and Road trailers globally; DLT exports to more than 45 countries and has 30% market share in port trailers in Middle East and 65% market share in Road Trailers in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

DLT Commenced trailer production in 1998 from Kelaniya factory in Colombo initially, shifted to 11 acres premises in Dankotuwa; near Colombo port. DLT has capacity to produce 3500 trailers per annum.

DLT employs a highly competent and motivated Design and Development team for engineering all port and Road transport solutions and developing new applications on rigid and trailers. DLT’s extensive product profile bears testimony to the same.

DLT – Group Companies:

-Dutch Lanka Engineering (DLE) is a wholly owned subsidiary of DLT, in Colombo and offer service to trailers and equipments including site support.

-DLT LLC OMAN a subsidiary and a JV of DLT with in a one land located in Salalah and offers trailer services and also assembly & Selling of DLTtrailers in Oman.

-TIL DLT is JV of DLT – TATA International located in Pune India, catering to country’s demand for all trailers application.



Italian high quality manufacturer of Rough-Terrain cranes