President Message


In the long run, the race belongs not merely to the swift but to the farseeing and to those who anticipate the change …

Two decades is but the blink of an eye in history. Morva Commerce Co. pjs had a successful two decades and we are looking forward to continued growth in the future. We are confident of our business plan and development strategy.

We will continue to develop along these lines:

  • _ To further enhance overall management skills and apply an entrepreneurial corporate culture in order to provide a stable, challenging and competitive work environment for our people.

  • _ To continue development of Morva Commerce as the focal point of our new growth.

  • _ To earn maximum customer satisfaction by providing the best equipment, fast and convenient services.

  • _ To further strengthen our position as the number one international trade company.

  • _ To support our growth through expansion of existing key markets and the continued exploration of new markets.


In the past years, the company has grown by leaps and bounds through hard-work and hands-on management.

We are proud of our past achievements and full of optimism about the future. We welcome all new and old friends to join us in this glorious endeavor.

Dr. Alireza Khoshnevis
President and CEO